Programmatic may assist...but it's the message that scores

Colin Pye | 01 October 2014

You may get your ads in front of the right people in the moments that matter, but if your creative message isn't relevant, you've lost your opportunity to engage with the consumer.

Cost and time have been the biggest barriers to widespread testing of online video. Smaller production budgets and fast turnaround means that traditional testing methods have been unable to keep up - the result? It's left to chance. 

By collecting emotion data while audiences view the video content in real-time, you can see precisely if, how and when your message creates the desired response. You can do it quickly too - reducing those costly production iterations, not to mention kicking those HIPPO comments in to touch. Whether it's pre-launch testing, using data to fuel creative decisions, predict social media success, scale media buying decisions, integrate with programmatic buying engines or applying learnings to inform future campaigns, our clients use emotion data to boost ROI whether it's pre, mid or post campaign.

So don’t leave your creative's future to chance, make sure audience engagement isn't lost. Know exactly how audiences feel – try it now

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