Is your creative dept out to lunch?

Colin Pye | 14 October 2014

A wildcard idea isn’t so crazy when you can predict its effect without risking failure.

When the pressure’s on, it’s easy to conform to conventional ideas or previous successes, leaving braver concepts to perish. Creativity requires risk and when you’ve got one chance to make your creative sing across all media channels, it can be hard to run with the more imaginative idea. 

The greatest creative thinkers never relied on big data or focus groups to get their creative juices flowing. Often we don’t even know that we desire something until it’s been created. Great creativity comes from the gut right? It comes from within. It’s intrinsic, it’s natural, so let it free, let it grow, let it…get checked by compliance first. Has brand management seen it? Did you know that the CEO hates green? 

The odds can seem like they’re stacked against you. Even if you’re 'simply a genius, darling' who always comes up with those crazy and disruptive ideas, there’s always a rational thinker waiting to say that they told you so. We love a rational thinker don’t we? You know, someone with a natural sense of algorithm. After all, we don’t want to go and make any silly expensive decisions based on gut feelings now do we? Let’s not be too rash. We all want the decision to be right, but rest assured, nobody wants to look like a fool in the boardroom. 

With Realeyes, you no longer need to distrust those gut feelings. When you can measure exactly how your audience responds to your concepts, you can enable your creative department to go wild. Let them explore those big ideas that could get you millions of social shares and YouTube views.

So before you even think of buying your media, let your creative department go out to lunch.
Give it a try now. It’ll cost you nothing. 

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