Right time, right place, wrong bikini pic!

Costanza Scarpa | 29 October 2014

Emotion measurement can give you insights into your target audience far beyond ‘Women 25-45’. Avoid misfiring with your creative by knowing exactly how your audience responds to your ad.

Here’s 3 ways to make sure your media spend hits the right target. 

1. Measure Performance 

Measure your ad’s overall performance and compare it to the alternatives to make sure you’ve picked your best asset.  See which creative excites the most engagement so you can focus your energies on its promotion. 

We’ve found that ads with higher EmotionAll scores – our overall 1-10 performance score – perform exponentially in the social sphere. Don’t waste your time on subpar assets – or if you must, make sure your media spend supports those more likely to struggle.

2. Target the right audience

See which segment of the audience reacts best to your content and when - target them accordingly to maximize success. The segment that reacts best may not always be the one you expect! 

Timing is also important – if peak happiness happens at the end of the ad for instance, targeting outlets with high play-to-end ratios will make people more likely to see your creative’s high points. If engagement is high in the first 8 seconds on the other hand, the ad may work well as pre-roll, as it successfully grabs people’s attention at the very start.

3. Make improvements

Creative optimization is easy with a second-by-second emotional map of your audience’s reaction! Test your ad to find out exactly what people like - and what they don’t. Optimise your video to emphasise the good and eliminate the bad.

Are you losing your audience’s attention in the middle? Why not make your ad shorter, or introduce some excitement. Does the tag line confuse them? You may want to make it clearer. Build on peaks of happiness and surprise – we’ve found the best ads are those with a strong narrative, which sustain some sort of plot development or escalation. Plot twists or punchlines help to keep your audience engaged and on a high. The smallest changes can make a huge difference.

Seems simple, right? Make the most of your creative assets - try it now.

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Costanza Scarpa
Marketing Communications Executive