All good things come to an end...

Costanza Scarpa | 04 August 2014

Five weeks later, my internship at Realeyes is coming to an end, and I appear to have survived to tell the tale...

In my final week, I was lucky enough to meet new recruit Aaron, who had flown over from Boston to meet the team (his first trip out of the US!). He was warmly welcomed with Friday evening drinks in the office which, despite his jetlag, he soldiered through.
When I think of the word intern, I imagine a glorified tea maker/photocopier/office tidier, all in the name of a ‘good CV’. This is certainly not the way they run things here at Realeyes. Instead, I was given significant tasks and challenged to use my initiative from the get go.

There are many different facets to the projects which are taken on by the operations team, from scripting the surveys, to uploading countless videos, analysing data and communicating with clients; there is rarely a quiet moment in the office. Working at Realeyes has made me realise (see what I did there!) just how vast the advertising industry is and how many small cogs there are to the machinery of this multi-billion dollar market, of which emotional intelligence is just one.

The importance of what happens here at Realeyes soon became apparent when I was asked to analyse the results of a survey which involved comparing people’s reactions to 6 different dental adverts. The EmotionAll scores for each advert indicated which ones commanded the attention of the viewers and sustained positive emotion throughout. By comparing this score and also analysing levels of disgust, confusion, happiness and engagement, I noticed that a few of the ads were scoring much higher than others. I looked at what it may be that was causing these results and concluded that people generally enjoyed less animation and more real life examples of how their dental hygiene can be improved with the featured product.  This information is invaluable to the brand, allowing them to choose the best ad and subsequently lead to a potential increase in sales. This kind of task, very different from what I’ve encountered in my degree, brought an all the greater sense of achievement for having mastered something new and unfamiliar.

Now my time in the Wardour Street office has come to an end, I will be sad to leave the team and will keep my eye out for the undoubtedly exciting projects they have to come in the near future. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Realeyes and I’m sure this will not be the last of my encounters with this innovative and unique company.

Georgia Sanderson-Nash
Ops Team Intern & Neuroscience Undegraduate
Costanza Scarpa
Marketing Communications Executive