Get the Measure of Emotions with Programmatic Platform

Colin Pye | 17 March 2015

We’re celebrating the launch of Virool’s elQ, which integrates Realeyes’ emotional insights into their programmatic video marketing platform – leveraging precise audience targeting and unparalleled measurement analytics.

Ahead of the Curve

In the fast-changing advertising, landscape brands are always keen to have the edge when it comes to ad measurement. The industry has become reliant on ‘outdated’ metrics such as clicks or impressions, which tell them little – or in any case not enough - in measuring digital ad effectiveness. Virool integrated with our Live Emotion Measurement API to create elQ, and measure how your audience actually feels when viewing content in session.

Emotions Drive Behaviour

Emotions are the single biggest determinant of human behavior; 90% of our decisions are subconscious. The more people feel, the more they engage with the brand, so knowing exactly how your audience feels in the moment of seeing your ad brings an entirely new generation of insight.

Whether it’s making people laugh, getting them engaged or pulling at their heart-strings, one of the most common questions from marketers is “What are people actually feeling when they watch my video?”

More Earned Media

The more emotional impact you have, the more an audience shares your content; the more that’s shared, the more earned media you receive. Our performance score enables the marketer to predict social media activity, making in-flight media decisions far more informed than ever before and getting campaign measurement in the moment - not weeks later.

An Industry First

For the first time ever, using live emotion measurement, we enable brand marketers to track the emotional response from their audience whilst in session, all from a single dashboard. 
No need for a captive test audience as people opt-in from their own device wherever and whenever they’re watching, making the data collection instant for the brand and seamless for the viewer. 

“In today’s digital economy, impressions are an outdated measure of success...for the first time ever, we can quantitatively assess how gripping your video content is from the people that are actually paying attention to your ad.” - Alex Debelov CEO of Virool. 

New Marketing Era 

Traditional campaign metrics like shares and click-through rates are an established part of a marketer’s toolkit, but the integration of emotion measurement with Virool’s programmatic platform puts us at the forefront of data driven marketing, raising the bar in measuring digital ad effectiveness and responding to the very specific need for a truly efficient and effective measure of success.  

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