Creative Testing

See where to edit your videos and select the ones with the best performance potential.

Optimize Videos

With second by second emotion traces, see exactly how people react to your content – what works and where it might fall short.

Build on the highs and reduce the lows to increase your video’s performance and optimize your editing process.

Target Audiences

Slice and dice your data by demographic and see if your content resonates with the right audience.

Compare your performance to norms by geography, industry, brand competitors or your own custom benchmarks.

Select Winners

Our EmotionAll® performance score ranks your assets at a glance so you know which videos to push - or pull.

Using emotional intelligence enables you to put your best foot forward by identifying your best content, and picking between executions.


Get your emotional intelligence distilled into presentation-ready reports, combining both creative testing and media planning insights.

Media Planning

Make sure your video resonates with the right audience. Focus on emotional targeting to get the most out of your budget.